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Flourishing from Brighton England by virtue of an ocd addiction to colour and territorial markings and great influential peers such as Amoeba, Rarekind and many many very talented artists including….Isor, Aroe, Monk, Sore, Cispeo, Viel crew, Meta, Oddisy, Kinetic, Vibes… a list far too long too list…and to the places i painted Tarnerland, the Moon and the Marina…many great memories of hot summer days tinted by spray paints n thick smoke…Now was greatly privileged to have been on the Brighton graffiti scene during the naughties when the town was brimming with talent and felt like the centre of the universe…to everything that has created our modern world…sincere thanks…..we stand on the shoulders of giants…

Adam Glover aka Nusensist is a part time artist living in Brighton England.I did not start doing art properly until i was 25, i had wanted to do art at school but was told it was a waste of time to do the subject for G.C.S.E’s so i took physics and to sleep went my art.

Through my enhanced experiences of growing up within the British dance music boom boom era i was ( and still am!) drawn to colour, light and the chemically induced world of extreme colours not on the normal conscious level of perception. I studied and passed a degree in History in Cheltenham whilst being a landlord and working full time and enjoying the privilege of living and soaking up the dance music scene…i attribute my art to that scene and pay homage to pioneers in all aspects of everything…In 2000 i moved to Brighton because i already knew i had to after a visit 5 years earlier…written in the stars certainly.

In Brighton i met a large number of artists many of whom had a great amount of talent and who are all doing well in their respective fields of art. I thank Daz, Hot and Rose at Rarekind who got me off my ass to go graffiti painting at local spots such as Tarnerland, the Moon and Black Rock, also Ameoba who encouraged his creativity and understood my aims and direction. Also my many friends at Ak who also encouraged and supported his development.

I struggled to get any where near my peers initially as many had at least 10 years experience,  however i stuck to my efforts none the less. I have always tried to be original even if this meant i didn’t progress very quickly. As time went by i learnt new skills and techniques which i applied to doing art that could be hung indoors…quickly my walls and that of my friends filled up with  work.. and to be honest a lot of it was not very good!! However through determination and persistence as well as reading books on colour theory ( Birren) and absorbing the work of others around me, i finally got to 2010 when a major break through occurred and series 1 was produced.

I stopped producing art on canvass and decided the most important thing about art was the final image itself…as through looking at art and graffiti i realised that the image of a piece of art was in his mind superior to the original piece. This lead to the colouring of 3d objects and card to create real depth in a piece with perfect shading, all of which could be re-coloured and repositioned and made in to a new piece..this also removes the Original from my collection and this made me happy as i find the cost of talented artists work grotesquely priced and feel that no one should have any of his original work aside from  friends and family. I  wish to push the boundaries of art and take it further by any means necessary..through spray painting objects, making sets, using photography and then using a computer to finish the work i feel happy that i’m doing something that is unique and original.

The Art-noir series was inspired by film noir movies of the 50’s and 60’s. I feel a cool calming effect from these pictures. There is not enough black in art..it gives more emphasis to the form and texture of colours and hues. The film noir scene reflected the paranoia of the age which i feel is still if not more predominant in today’s culture, terrorism, financial fascism, risk, unstable systems in nature, quantum and the perpetual paranoia of the end of days emanating from a delusion of Biblical interpretation.

My art focuses on creating depth and space with a clean feeling, to take the viewer to a place in the unconscious that is soothing and relaxing yet demands nothing more than to be enjoyed and not interpreted…i feel that interpretation is only subjective and so is not a constant that should be placed into others…i find this discourse of artistic linguistics annoying as it separates real people from the art world as the language causes separation . I want my art to be more appreciated than understood and writing about it can cause pretentiousness and ill feeling which is not his aim. However my art is influenced by eternity and space and the things that produce the reality we reside in.

I admit that much of his work has come about through vast trial and error and a dash of luck. Most of human development in the evolution of science and technology have come about as a direct result of accident and failure and i have incorporated these amongst my success’s .

Adam’s greatest influences are his peers/friends and also true genius thinkers and doing people, Dali, Olaf Stapledon, Anton Wilson, Freeman Dyson, John Lennon etc etc to academic thought and practical achievement, progression and excellence…onward and upward bound…expel pessimism…inhale inspiration



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  1. Ya leaps yooza leapfroggin, ya boundz r boundryless>>>

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